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Throughout our over 70-year history, Goodwin Brothers' job has been to build. Though we build with concrete and steel, our real job is to build relationships through trust and integrity. This partnership of building enables us to exceed our clients expectations and serve their best interests. Today our clients are one of our greatest assets, as they continue to reward us with repeat business and the best references.



  • Goodwin Brothers Construction worked double shifts and weekends to offset weather delays to help meet a challenging construction schedule while maintaining excellent quality of construction. Goodwin exceeded our corporate goal of Diverse Subcontractor involvement. Goodwin's construction supervisor, safety supervisor, subcontractors, equipment operators and laborers worked together to achieve a very successful project.
    Project Manager, Ameren Corporation
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4885 Baumgartner Road | St. Louis, MO 63129 Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085

4885 Baumgartner Road  |  St. Louis, MO 63129
Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085