Building Strong Together

A Culture of Family Values


Our company vision is the concept of where we’re going, but our culture is what can make sure we get there.  A good company culture encompasses our values and goals in order to enable us to achieve the successes we want for our team, our community, and our company.

Building Strong Teams

At the core of our culture is teamwork. We encourage communication, collaboration, and a supportive team environment in every aspect at Goodwin Brothers. From the jobsite to the conference rooms, everyone is an important part of the hard-working team of professionals.

Building Strong Values

At Goodwin Brothers, our actual company values are the behaviors and skills that are valued in fellow employees. We embrace and encourage the obvious values, such as integrity, honesty, respect and reliability. But we also encourage the company values that you rarely hear praised, such as courage to speak up if you see something that seems unsafe, or innovation for outside the box solutions to complex problems.

Building Strong Communities

Here at Goodwin Brothers we believe that much of our success is a result of adopting Christian principles as part of our corporate culture, including tithing. Our goal is to “Give Back” 10% of our financial successes each year to charitable organizations. Thanks to the dedication of our clients, subcontractors, suppliers and employees, Goodwin Brothers is able to “Give Back” both locally and around the world.

Building Strong Connections

Because of our family-first culture, those who join our team at Goodwin Brothers feel like family. We take pride in our big project capabilities while maintaining that small company feel – we may do 100-million-dollar projects, but our team members are still like family and they appreciate the caring culture. At Goodwin Brothers, you’re a name, not a number…and our employee testimonials speak for themselves. We still stick to our values and it shows through our team-member retention, which is second to none.

Building Strong Opportunities

Our owners believe in investing in our employees with training, the best resources and technology in the industry, and a safety culture so everyone makes it home at the end of the day.

We hire people for a career, not just a job. Let’s talk about building your future.

Let’s Build Strong Together

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