Bissell Point Main Substation

The project scope included furnishing and installing Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad Arc Resistant Switchgear to replace two existing Switchgears at the incoming power services for the Bissell Facility. To provide space for the installation of the new Medium-Voltage Metal-Clad switchgear adjacent to the two existing medium-voltage switchgear existing sewers, fire services, main streets, and fencing had to be relocated.

To upgrade and improve the power services to the WWTF, new connections were installed to three Utility transformers. The Utility rebuilt and upgraded three existing transformers on site to provide a more reliable system of switching the incoming services. The upgrading of switchgear and transformers required coordination to sequence shutdowns and transfer of loads to provide continuous electrical services to the operating treatment facility.

Upgrading of the switchgear required 2600 lineal feet of new ductbanks to be installed to several substations and different buildings on site. These ductbanks were installed in areas with numerous undocumented existing piping and utilities servicing the treatment facility. Nearly 22,000 lineal feet of new medium voltage conductors were installed to replace existing conductors as main feeders to substations and building switchgear.

Numerous existing indoor motor control centers, transformers, power panels, and lighting panels were replaced in buildings and utility tunnels throughout the facility. The power supply and control wiring to operating equipment was converted from existing motor control centers, panelboards, and transformers to replacement units. Installation of a new prefabricated concrete Comminutor Electrical Building was installed to allow two new motor control centers for the Comminutor Building to be installed in a less hazardous atmosphere.

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