Blue River WWTP Biosolids

This innovative design build project replaces multi-hearth units utilized for biosolids incineration since the 1960’s with a new thermal hydrolysis process (THP). This new facility will be better for the environment by eliminating the use of incinerators to process waste as well as providing a reusable resource. Existing incinerators burned waste solids resulting in harmful air pollutants as well as ash that was in landfills. The new facility will use a process called thermal hydrolysis to turn sludge into biosolids. This will be the only facility in the Midwest using this innovative process.

Primary construction includes demolition of the existing building and stack utilized for sludge dewatering and incineration. This will allow for reuse of existing building foundations and utilities. Within this existing footprint the new building will house pre and post THP dewatering centrifuges, Pre THP Silos, polymer systems, high pressure steam boilers, electrical and pumping systems. New facilities will include biosolids truck loadout, gas cleaning, flare systems and secondary sludge grit removal.

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