Buzzi Unicem Barge Loading Facility

Buzzi Unicem, formerly River Cement, a leading international cement producer, performed a $250 million expansion to its plant located in Festus, Missouri. This plant incorporated the latest innovations in technology. Goodwin Brothers self-performed improvements ranging from rock excavation, rock trenching and breaking, structural foundations for the raw material handling, pryo-line foundations as well as the finish mills and truck, rail and barge loadout facilities. Goodwin Brothers also self-performed the structural steel & equipment installation for the raw material and finished cement product side of the plant.

Goodwin Brothers scope was approximately $50 million over multiple phases. Some of the highlights of this project include 45,000 cy of concrete, a central control building, duct bank excavations in rock, 40,000 cy of rock excavation by means of trenching and breaking, and structural steel and equipment installation. The preheater foundation required a 4,000 cy continuous monolithic placement involving 4 pump trucks around the clock.

The steel and equipment installation included everything from the raw material crusher, conveyors & bents, clay dome storage dome and stacker, limestone stacker and reclaimer, raw material storage bins and conveyors to the raw mill as well as all conveyors leaving the finish mill, improvements to the existing cement silos, tube conveyor between the cement silo and the barge loadout facility, equipment installation for the rail loadout and a new barge loadout tower.

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