Lower Meramec WWTP

The Lower Meramec WWTP is a new greenfield facility located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Meramec Rivers south of St. Louis. This new 15 MGD facility included construction of screening, dewatering, scum concentration, primary clarifiers, trickling filters, final clarifiers, chemical feed, truck loadout and plant water systems.

The facility is constructed to allow future expandation to more than double treatment capacity. This included construction of a 1,200 foot long underground pipe gallery containing plant water, sludge, scum, chemical feed, fire protection, control, power and stacked 60″ lines to transfer between treatment processes that are all easily accessible for maintenance and future expansion.

The project also included maintenance, administration, process and secondary treatment buildings constructed with brick, glass and stainless steel to enhance the exterior in the heavily residential area.


See link below for additional project information.

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