South Plant Lime Softening Basin

The project consisted of the complete replacement of an existing softener with a new Solids Contact Softening Clarification Unit. The existing softener and inlet piping under the base slab were demolished. In its place, a new 135-foot diameter Solids Contact Softening Clarification Unit was installed.

The new unit included two 67-foot long rake arms along with a 74-foot diameter flocculation well supported from a steel frame superstructure that was built off the center well. The clarification unit also included a new, 19-foot tall radiused steel tank wall to reduce the sludge build up on the existing sloped sides of the basin. An outdated sludge return manhole was also replaced along with new lime feed lines to the basin.

Work on this challenging project was completed in 6 months through the winter to be in-service for peak spring water demands

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