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We began the Plan It Safe program with an emphasis on the basics. Education and training are the foundation of our program, providing all members of our team with the tools to perform safely. The program touches everyone in our organization from the new hire to the president, we all live by the same code, “Plan It Safe”.

We 'plan it safe' by implementing safety into our daily work and all employees. From management to field personnel, we are committed to keeping safety as our top prioirty. Our goal is to have zero incidents on our jobsites, which we believe is possible even with the various work we self-perform. Training is a normal procedure for all levels of employees. OSHA and MSHA guidelines are our minimum standards, and we continually look for ways to improve and exceed those standards. We use incentives to reward good behavior and discipline bad behavior. By keeping safety at such a high standard, all of our employees know what is expected as well as our clients knowing what to expect from us.

We are affiliated with the following safety organizations:

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  • “The integrity of the Goodwin Brothers’ team, their safety-based decision making and their willingness for constant, informative communication with our engineering, operations, and distribution team made possible the successful, on-time completion of this project”
    Engineering Manager Missouri American Water Company
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4885 Baumgartner Road | St. Louis, MO 63129 Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085

4885 Baumgartner Road  |  St. Louis, MO 63129
Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085