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Our Earthmoving endeavors began in the late 1980’s when we were awarded the contract for Springfield, Missouri’s new wastewater treatment plant. To construct the plant, we first had to move a landfill. Since then, we’ve moved millions of yards of material with projects ranging from subdivision slope repair to moving more than a million yards of material to construct a landfill. Over the last 30 plus years of earthmoving, we have developed the knowledge and resources to tackle any challenge. We continue to improve by fully embracing all the latest that technology has to offer. GPS machine controls give our operators the confidence to run faster and more accurately than ever before, while our Drone technology allows us to map an entire site and have the information to our crews in a matter of hours instead of the weeks it took in the past.

With the ever-increasing government regulations, utilities and municipalities are faced with the endless task of keeping up. The Utility Waste Landfill at the Labadie Energy Center will provide Ameren with safe and environmentally friendly storage for their waste for years to come. We used various means of value engineering on this project to offer our client the best possible solution. From the acquisition of an adjacent property to import the needed fill from, to dredging over 100,000 cubic yards of sand from the nearby Missouri River, we were able to meet the tight schedule and keep the local roads clean and safe. This project included the import and placement of over 1 million cubic yards of material, the installation of over 30 acres of an HDPE liner, and 500,000 square feet of fabric formed concrete to protect the slopes. It also involved the construction of a wet well, a precast bridge was erected over the plant’s entrance road, as well as the installation of a water evaporation system.

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4885 Baumgartner Road | St. Louis, MO 63129 Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085

4885 Baumgartner Road  |  St. Louis, MO 63129
Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085