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We began performing Industrial projects in the late 1970’s for The Doe Run Company at their milling facilities near Viburnum, MO. In the 40 plus years since these first projects, we have expanded our industrial operations to include equipment setting, structural steel setting, conveyance systems, mass concrete placement, and maintenance operations. We have the resources and ability to provide you with a full service project from design and construction to commissioning and maintenance.

With over $50 Million in work completed, Buzzi has been our largest industrial project. Goodwin Brothers placed over 45,000 cubic yards of concrete including a 4,000 cubic yard continuous, 14-hour foundation pour for the new Preheater Tower. Since conventional rock blasting could not be performed in the existing plant for foundations, 40,000 cubic yards of rock had to be excavated using a rock trencher and excavators with breakers. Goodwin also erected multiple structural steel structures including the Clay Dome, Raw Material Silos, New Barge Loading Towers, as well as several thousand feet of conveyance systems and transfer tower modifications. On top of the mass foundations and structural steel, Goodwin assembled multiple pieces of equipment including the Additive Material Crusher, Limestone Dome Reclaimer, Bucket Elevators, and multiple Baghouses.

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4885 Baumgartner Road | St. Louis, MO 63129 Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085

4885 Baumgartner Road  |  St. Louis, MO 63129
Office: (636) 931-6084  |  Fax: (636) 931-6085